Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight - our Blog

The way to keep tradition alive is to embrace change. Sri and I found that meaningful change does not come easy. On one hand is an inertia which makes us believe what is, has been, will remain. The other end of the spectrum believes in change for no reason other than change itself. And as we are discovering, neither is sustainable. We aren’t your traditional bloggers. We tend to be far too private resonating our innermost thoughts only between ourselves. So, why are we here? We are, because sometimes a meandering conversation ignites a fuse and leads to an explosion of ideas that we just had to share. In these pages you will find such thoughts. We have no personal biases against the multitude of thought-forms. We are as captive to our lines of thought as others along this spectrum. Some of you may agree, others may not; we would be delighted nevertheless to hear from you on your opinions. This is all about change. When we don’t do it, nature does it for us. The fat history books are made of such stuff!